Saturday, May 5, 2018

Skin Bar Party by Dermalogica Indonesia

Aye Mates!
How are you? Today I want to review my experience at skin bar party by Dermalogica Indonesia. I’m personally so thrilled for this, since I could get to try out their products. I know Dermalogica for quite a while now. My muse Irene Kim is known to use some of their products. 

Here's my super surprised face when trying out the product on my hand lel

The event is held at mall alam sutera, tangerang. Here’s my station, we were given plenty of cotton pads, tissues, water, shower cap (to cover our hair), towel (so our clothes don’t get wet). Before we actually start with the demo, we’re given hand sanitizer since we gonna touch our face, A LOT.

Here's the instructor that gonna guide us throughout the skincare process and doing a demo on the model.

First up we gonna cleanse our face with precleanse, this is one of their top selling product. It’s an oil based type, first we pour it into our hand and gently massage it throughout the whole face, precleanse thoroughly melts away layers of excess sebum, sunscreen, makeup, etc. It really does remove my eyeliner!! After massaging it, we use water on a cotton pad and just swab it away.

Second, we use the daily microfoliant. It’s a powder based product, it was made from rice formula that activates upon contact with water, releasing papain salicylic acid that micro-exfoliated dead cells, just rub it all over face, focusing on redness area and instantly leaving skin smoother and brighter. It’s suitable more for normal skin, you can use it everyday. But for my dear sensitive skin mates out there you can use this once or twice in a week since it could leave a sting-y feel on your face.

Third, we fully wash our face with clearing skin wash. It helps clear oils and bacteria on breakout prone skin. 

Fourth, since the microfoliant sting my face a little. We’re given moisturiser called barrier repair, it’s so perfect for sensitive skin. It minimize the sting-y feeling and redness slowly. It’s give out matte feeling which I love!!

Fifth, we move on to toner. This toner is in the spary-form which is so handy and the finishing feel is so fresh and I feel my skin is renew lol. It help condition the skin and prepare for more moisture absorption.

Then, we apply super sensitive shield sunscreen with spf 30. Sunblock is a necessity for our daily life especially we live in tropical weather country, where the sun shines almost everyday. It doesn’t leave any white casts on our face so our skin tone won’t change.

Lastly, we use primer. It really preps my skin and gives of glowing finish and the texture is matte btw. 

So here’s my post-skincare-routine face, ta-daa..

As you can tell, I remove my makeup and my skin looks so glowing and fresh after all those products on my face.

Dermalogica Indonesia kindly gave me this products to try out and I will surely post my review after using this product soon here on my blog so stay tune and till then, have a good one loves!!

-Cheers, Michelle
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  1. Wiii penasaran deh sama Dermalogica!

    Graciella // @gegeciella

  2. can't wait to try Dermalogica...

    Love, Sylvi Gautama ❤

  3. Oh I hope the treatment suits my skin! :(


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  5. belom pernah coba brand ini :D penasaran deh chelle!