Wednesday, December 19, 2012



 this is my first time wearing my galaxy pants -proud mama- ahahaha. i just like the galaxy print lately its just unique and gorgeous. and also the color is not that bold/cheerful color but it tends to be more dark and i like it c;

tanktop: newlook ~ unbranded tights ~ converse shoes

oh and i just cut my bangs whatya think?? do i look weird :s and i just realize it that my eyes are very small omo! 
oh and just fyi that i'm not a fan of accessories i like to keep it simple with just necklace i don't know why that its hard for me sometimes to find the right accessories but yet i owned a shop that sells accessories -sigh-

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omg! i'm having a bad flu and i need a rest and omg my nose hurts so badly -_- any idea how to cure this thing?? i really need suggestion -sigh- xD
btw i just changed my background if u notice and how was it? can you guys red my post still?? i just love union jack (my desktop background is also union jack btw) ♥ 
ohh and i'm in love with vlog-ing lately. vlog = video blog btw :) i'm a fan of watching vlog from youtube and i'm thinking to make one whatya think?



  1. great post honey, i love this galaaxy piece!


  2. love your top >.< I want ur top but sadly I think NewLook is run out of stock :( visit my blog if you have time!

    Missing Bee

    1. thanks ! and yeah it run out of stock already >.< this is the last piece they got in the store ahaha suree! :)

  3. The bangs look great on you! Love these galaxy leggings!

    Thanks for stopping by!