Sunday, December 30, 2012

dancing queen~

hello! have you guys watch girls generation's new video?? well its not new tough it was created on 2008 but they decided not to publish it since they thought that 'gee' will be their big hits and yes it is ;) so the title of the video is dancing queen and the song is groovy and really fun to hear!

and if you notice their costumes are very colorful with the bright colored jeans and shirt and they were dancing and playing in a diner that reminds me of back then the vintage old classic moment but i'm not sure if its the 80's or 90's ahaha

today look were 100% fully inspired by girls generation's dancing queen MV :)

vintage shirt ~ rubi shoes ~ louis vuitton bag ~ unbranded jeans

my pose looks really weird here -_-

trying to do the same pose like yoona's but i guess its an epic fail xD

// inspiration //

some snapshot of girls generation's dancing queen MV (credit to mr google) i really love yuri's look, denim shirt! and i want taeyon or tiffany's jeans very bright red! ♥ cute dance c:
and i can't wait for girls generation's comeback!! woohooo!! i got a boy!! 1st of January 2013!! yeah baby!! girls generation makes you feel the heat!! xD
well i'm not a S♥NE* fully, girls generation is currently on my 4th place for yeoja** group, the first is sistar, second miss a, third 2NE1 ehehehe
*S♥NE: fans for girls generation
**yeoja: korea word for female

support our girls for their comeback! ^^
and check their dancing queen's MV click here :)

xoxo, michelle


  1. i also love GG ;)
    wearing a colorful skinny jeans is so GG :p
    nice look !


  2. SNSD :D

    love your looks dear ;)


  3. cute outfit ! :)
    follow each other? :D

  4. ahh, snsd! <3 SO obsessed with this pos! (and your blog! ^^)

    fashionlei styled