Monday, December 17, 2012

wintery~cold essentials items


I'm sharing my winter~cold must have/favorites/essentials items in order to survive (hmmm?) okay, well maybe here in Indonesia we don't need this things very often but since in some part of the world now having their winter season and Indonesia is having their rainy season so its a little cold than usual. oh and of course for all people in Indonesia or planning to come to Indonesia don't forget to bring your umbrella/raincoat with you or else you'll be wet ;)  so here is my winter~cold essentials item..
*this post were fully inspired by her post :) 
  1. Jumpers 

I'm the type of girl that like to use jumpers all the time. I use it in school, hanging out, even going to sleep sometimes (if the weather is cold). I love to use jumpers + shorts + sneakers/flip flops = COZY~ I owned quite a lot of jumpers/hoodies. jumpers/hoodies really suitable for this rainy/cold weather c:

2. Beanies

well not all people like beanies but I do. the reason is that it keeps me warm on my head and second there's a lot of beanies with cute/funny models. 

3. Jackets.

well maybe this is the most common thing that always being used during cold/winter season, yes its going to be the jacket. me personally also use jacket all the time, school, hanging out and a lot of stuffs. leather jacket is like a statement for everyone cause it can be match with everything, jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts, same thing like denim jacket. 

4. Leggings

not all people really use this during winter but trust me it quite useful. not only it keeps u warm nowadays there's a lot of leggings with colorful/playful pattern. like galaxy legging from romwe is quite popular here. romwe has lot of cool leggings that you can check on (+ purchase it) here :)

anyway here's my all-the-time fave hoodie..

the hoodie is unbranded. I bought it a long time ago through an online store via facebook. once I saw it I'm in love with it. I choose navy blue (at first I want yellow/white) because I like it and the color navy blue always match with everything (for me) cause I owned a lot of navy blue color stuffs. 

all the pictures were taken by my nikon camera D3100. I just got it and I still haven't get used to it. so excuse me for all the blurry pictures cause I'm still figuring out how to make the pictures not to be blurry :s

when I bought this hoodie, I didn't know that girls generation & bigbang's seungri used it. so when I saw it I'm so happy and proud of it xD lol~ because both of them are my bias well maybe not so much for girls generation but still I'm in love with all their songs & choreography & fashion style c;

and here's my all-time fave beanie..

excuse me for my weird face :s

YAY!! I'm (finally) having my christmas holiday until 7 January 2013, that means more sleep time for me and a lot of time to be spent. and yes I just got back from my MT last Saturday and yes I have a lot of FUN! pictures coming soon cause all the pictures were still with my friend. the christmas party that night was daebak (korean word that means: big!) ahahaha

okay that's it for this post and please do share your opinion on what is your wintery~cold essentials items down below on the comment box, thankiesss~ x3
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  1. Lovely hoodie!

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  2. ah, I'm really into those cute beanie! somehow it's hard to find those cute beanie in shops or stores, and sometimes I think those cute beanie are only exist in tumblr/instagram/weheartit :/

    happy holiday btw!

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    1. i know rite! i sell beanies with cat ear but i really wanted with cute pictures like that .-.
      thanks! and happy holiday for u too :)

      xoxo, michelle

  3. nice pics, and cute pieces :)


  4. great post and layout! i love union jack as well :) i've followed you anyway. mind to following back? i'll be grateful :) happy holiday<3