Friday, May 2, 2014

#BooItsMichelle: April's Favorites!

Ayeee Matessss!
Its the 2nd day of May and I just uploaded my April's Favorites to my channel, click here for direct go to the video. I also going to do a simple/quick review for each item here as well for all of you who can't watch the video or if you prefer to read than watch. so here you go! :D

Items Mentioned: 
1. H&M's Snapback. I got this on early April when H&M open their branch store in Grand Indonesia (its the largest H&M store in Indonesia! it is HUGE!) and I've been wearing it since that even 'till now I still love to wear it everywhere I go. I got it for 149k ($15) and my dad paid for it (y) 

2. Victoria's Secret Body-mist in Mango Temptation. I got this body mist last year on the month of November. Well I love the smell of it but not super love since its kinda too sweet but in the month of April, I've been wearing it for like always. because its easy to carry everywhere since the bottle is plastic material and I can just slip it inside my bag.

3. Tonymoly's Fresh Aqua Cooling 24 Eyes Stick. I applied this whenever I'm sleepy or bored or feeling hot. Since it gives off cool touch on your skin. Even tough its written for around eyes only, I love to apply it on my hands and all over my face when its hot! tee-heee~

4. Maybelline's Rocket Volume Mascara. YESSS~ I'M FINALLY JOINING THE RAVE OF THIS BABYYYY!! a lot of youtubers did a review on this mascara and they always said good things about it. but this mascara just arrived at Indonesia late last year. this mascara really did good job on my lash, its easy to apply and with just one or two coats of application my lash looks full/volumized.

5. Max Factor's Masterpiece Eyeshadow in Icicle Rose. I apply this underneath my eyes to create this aegyosal eyes (read: cute eyebag that is not cause by lack of sleep). well I naturally own aegyosal eyes (I'm not trying to brag) but its not that pop, if you know what I'm sayin'. I apply this to make my eyes look even bigger.

6. Zedd's Clarity Album. My dad got me Zedd's album to celebrate my freedom after national exams. I love all of Zedd's songs so muchhhhhh!! I mean the beats are perfect and hearing his music always makes me want to move (+ I'm in love with his goofy and dork personality).

7. Zedd-Find You ft. Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant. This song I heard is the soundtrack for that famous movie Divergent? I haven't watch that movie! I know call me what-so-ever but when the movie was released I'm in my exams weeks! Ugggghhhh~ but I love the song so muchhh~ love Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant's voice! I love their collaboration! its PERF!! :D

Watch My April's Favorites HEREEE:

-cheer, michelle

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