Sunday, May 4, 2014

Dreamers Market Review + Photossss~

in the school bus

the crowd~

my (very) simple #OOTD

L-R: ci Val, ci Sonya, Me, ci Gaby

Me and Ci Valerie

Me and Ko Kevin

Ci Valerie and Ci Sonya

Me and Ci Anaz

Me and Ci Sonyaaaaaa~ :3

But First Let Us Take A SELFIEEEE~ :D

my chocolate pudding from @lacremedessert (ig)

Brownies Ice Cream from @barniesfactory (ig)

How Bloggers Took Their Selfie! :)

The Fashion Talk with The Fashion People

Ayee Matesss!!

Last Thursday, 1 May 2014, I went to another event called Dreamers Market in Living World Alam Sutera. I was so excited because Living World is not that far from my house (well if only you take the highway), I got even more excited when I heard that ci Anaz Siantar, ci Gabriella Olivia and ci Ines will be there! I never see ci Anaz in the real life and I just want to see her in the real life. I met ci Gaby and ci Ines before at Market Museum, you can see the whole review on that HERE. I planned to go on Friday since I know Thursday would probably so crowded (its public holiday) but in the end I went on Thursday. why? I got the invitation from ci Gaby when she's giving out the invitation on her instagram. 

When I arrived there, the place was packed! so crowded! the venue is so small! I saw a lot of cool people and stuffs. the first one I noticed was Ko Kevin. I don't even know who is he but I spotted a lot of girls were like asking to take a picture with him and I think Ko Kevin looks so much like ZE:A's Siwan (hahaha kpop again), so handsomely cuteeeeee~ so I decided to take a picture with him and he's friendly and polite toward us *fangirling eh? no* Next I spotted ci Anaz with her ultimate blond hair that shine #cheesy, not missing the opportunity I asked her to take a picture with me and she said yess! ci Anaz's voice is so sweet and lovely and girly~ :'') unlike me -_- I look around to find cool stuffs but not nothing look very attractive to me, the tenants are not that much since the place is quite small. I met ci Sonya with her friend, we took selfie and gossip to a lot of things, but we forgot to munch on Puyo :'c Lastly, I met ci Valerie and she introduced us (read: me and ci Sonya) to ci Ines and ci Gaby, so that's why ci Gaby is in our group picture above.

Overall, I had quite a great time. What disappoints me were the tenants and the fanbase partners. I thought they'll open up a stand for the fanbase partners so they could sell on some kpop merchandise. but when I asked the staff about it they're like smirking and told me that there's no such thing as fanbase partners but yet they have it on their instagram.What makes me happy are the fashion people and talk :D

So that is all for the review for Dreamers Market and on Thursday, 8 May 2014-Sunday, 11 May 2014 there'll be a I love Jakarta Bazaar in Grand Indonesia. anyone coming?? I planned to go on Friday evening, so if any of you are coming please let me know and lets meet there hehehe I love meeting new people :D

*p.s. have you watch my latest video on my April's Favorites? if you haven't click HERE to watch it now! :)

-cheer, michelle


  1. how cute!

  2. wihiiiyyy nice to meet you michel !! thanks for post photos our selfie hahaha ^^

  3. Cute look, great bunch of fashionistas! I love the photo where everyone takes selfies... so much funn...

  4. aaa iya ih kok mirip si siwannn omgg >< /ikutanfangirling/ seems like a fun event! sayang aku udah di sg pas dreamers market huhuhu

  5. nice and inspiring post :)


  6. nice and inspiring post :)


  7. nice and inspiring post :)


  8. nice and inspiring post :)


  9. too bad i couldn't come:(
    nice review btw <3

  10. Looks like a really great day!
    -Magenta xxx

  11. ci Michelle!
    OMG you meet ci Anaz and ci Gaby, i'm so freaking jealous T____T
    btw, i love your outfit! its simple but beautiful <3
    stay fabulous ci ;;)


  12. aaa i wish i can come :(


  13. Arghhh>< i wish i could come ;_;
    enak yaaaaa banyak event gituuuu...disini mah kosong haha;_;
    arghhh i want to meet those famous blogger too;_;

    Adventure of P-chaaaaaan!!!

  14. aih kayaknya seru:( sedih gadateng...


  15. what a fun day!
    too bad I can't come to visit the event

    Congratulation Michelle Sanjaya!
    I nominated you & your blog on Liebster Award :D
    kindly check my latest post for more detail information about that
    here is the link:

    I'm looking forward to your fun answer!

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  16. This event was so far away from my house, I wish I could go there..
    I love your simple outfit btw.. ;)
    anyway do you want to follow each other on GFC and bloglovin?
    you can visit my blog first and let me know.. ;*


  17. whoaaa so lucky to met Anaz, Gaby and also Aines!
    I hope i will have a change to meet them too ><
    oh btw, wanna follow each other on GFC? :>

  18. itu siapa cowo cetar banget kegantengannya...... #salahfokus