Tuesday, August 25, 2015

#ChellesReview: Coco Milagro's Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (EVCO)

*this post was sponsored by @cocomilagro but all opinions are all based on my own honest thoughts :))

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Ayee Mates! 
Today I'm going to review an extra virgin coconut oil from CocoMilagro. Last week they contacted me asking whether I want to review their product or no but since my family said that coconut oil is good for human's health so I said yes and ever since the product reached my house I've (my family too) been using it non stop! We must say we do LOVE this EVCO (Extra Virgin Coconut Oil) :)) 

// Who is Coco Milagro? //
Coco Milagro strives on the motivation of getting Indonesia moving towards a healthier generation. They are out here to prove that best quality product can be produced locally. I'm always a fan and full supporter for local products. Their EVCO is 100% raw and natural.

// My Review //
 I can guarantee you that their product are 100% raw and natural from their scent. Usually a coconut oil will be added preservatives or perfume so it'll smells good, unlike that this one has a very strong scent of coconut so that's why I bet some people might hate the scent (just like my aunt lol). I've been using this EVCO on the scalp of my hair after shower for nourishing, apply it to my skin (hand and facial area) to the dryer area to make it moisturized, I also apply it to my wound once and it heals faster and lastly I use it as cooking oil to replace my normal cooking oil and olive oil. So far I love the results of this EVCO. My aunt use it on her stretch mark area. They come in 25ml and 100ml sized bottle. I personally prefer small one because they are perfect to put inside our carrier and to bring it. If you guys are interested in buying this EVCO you can use this coupon code "1MS23" for additional 10% discounts on any promo that you can combined so you'll get DOUBLE discount, how cool is that? ;;)

// Benefits of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (EVCO) //
 1. Rich in lauric acid which helps increase good cholesterol.
2. Rescues sluggish thyroid functions, boosting metabolism helping in weight loss.
3. Anti bacteria, anti viral, anti fungal and anti protozoa that destroys lipid coated viruses such as influenza, HIV, herpes, measles, pathogenic.
4. The lauric acid gives instant energy without causing insulin spikes, preventing type2 diabetes.
5. The healthy medium-chain fatty acids in EVCO send directly to liver and converted into instant energy. 
6. Preventing hemorrhoid.
7. Reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and prevent stretch marks on pregnant mothers.
8. Rescue alzheimer and dementia diseases.
9. Accelerating recovery on wounds.
10. Reduce heart disease.

// What Can You Do with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (EVCO) //
1. Drink it: Mix it to your daily coffee, tea, juices, smoothies, oats or just like that.
2. Apply it: To your scars, allergies area, body, scalp of your hair.
3. Cook it: As cooking oil, salad dressing and everything.
4. Oil pulling: 1tbsp of EVCO, swish it around your mouth around 10-20 minutes, don't swallow it.

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