Friday, November 13, 2015

Dream Day with CocoMelody

Ayee Mates!
Back again with another dream day (you know what I mean lahh~) themed post. Today I want to talk "Beach Themed Wedding", I always love that idea! Why? Well, first let me tell you something isn't it cool and romantic to feel the ocean breeze, the smells of the sand and surrounded by palm tweez on your wedding? I personally love it thoo~ especially since I saw the gorgeous wedding chapel in Bali, it makes me even more eager to have my wedding celebration with beach themed. Picking beach wedding dresses may be tricky but I laid my eyes on a few from a site called CocoMelody

CocoMelody has been expertise in this bridal dress-making area for over 15 years. They offer vast collection of dresses from the dress for the bride herself until bridesmaid dresses, mother of the bride dresses, prom, homecoming, graduation and etc dresses. The fabrics and materials are high quality made and imported worldwide from China, France and Italy.

Ohh and btw here are my selections for the beach wedding dresses that I mentioned earlier. Everything looks gorgeous and magical. I just adore the neckline it expose my collarbone which I totally in love with. As for the length and flow it's just perfect since walking around the beach in heels can be tricky as well and you don't want others to accidentally step on you dress eh? As for the knee length dress, I picked it up because I think it'll be perfect for prom~ haaaa dreaming about prom.. missed my highschool prom (well, I don't really have prom tho back at my highschool #sucks)

CocoMelody has also launched their 2016 wedding dresses which are totally worth to check if you happen to be planning your dream day anytime soon. Oohh and also they're having some sale going on their website so go and check it out *winkwink*

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