Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Zara's Tee ~ Cotton On's Shorts & Platform Sandals ~ Forever21's Hat ~ Airwalk's Backpack ~ SwaggieUnicorn_Closet's Tattoo Chockers

Ayee Mates!!
Quick #OOTD post before going to sleep~ just got back from a long day at class, going to have my midterm next week and I haven't get much time to study -finger cross- wish me luck on my midterm mate, I'm so sorry if I'll be absence for about a week or two, since I need to focus on my study. But I'll def. make a new post regarding the giveaway winner soon right after the midterms or maybe I'll update you mates during the weekend when I'll take a day off for studying he he he :')
Soooooo~ about my outfit here. I present you my *drum rolls* "one-minute-getting-ready-outfit" lel, if you ask me to get ready in a minute this will be my go-to look since the tee itself will probably what I wear on daily basis at my home, campus and even going to sleep sometimes (HEHE) and the shorts is so comfy that I could pair it with everything. The hat will add an edge touch to the whole look (even tough my ma said I looked like a cowgirl lol), for the sandals I love how it makes my leg look longer and it's so comfy indeed! As for the backpack.. you know what I mean laaa~  *winkwink*

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-cheer, michelle
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  1. hei beautiful! I adore your blog and your style, keep stylish mich :)

    btw, wanna follow each other? I already follow yours, now it's your turn to follow mine..

    Sylvi Gautama

    1. aww thankyou <33
      so sorry for the late reply, of course! following you now, keep in touch xo

      cheer, michelle ~

  2. I really like that sandals! I can't find it anywhere in Batam :(

    1. aaa that's sad~ maybe you could find one from online shop eh? :c

      cheer, michelle

  3. I really like this lovely look perfect on you
    many kisses

  4. Wow, you look super cool! I love your hat so much :)

    Check out my blog if you want:

    Tamara xxx

  5. AAAA you look gorgeous! I am in love with your outfit


  6. I'm love your backpack!<3

    xo, Lu

  7. LOVE at first sight with your backpack hihi

    1. aww thankyou ayu :D

      cheer, michelle ~