Thursday, November 19, 2015

Vintage-ish Dream Day with LandyBridal

Ayee Mates!!
Back again with another Chelle's Dream Day post, I don't know what's with wedding theme that has been going on with my blog lately, I guess stressing over college stuffs makes me want to get married faster lol especially I'm currently having my midterms, it's insaneeee :')
Anyway, today dream day's theme will be vintage, I always love vintage lace wedding dresses. I think laces will always make everything lovely and sophisticated. It makes the whole dress looks classy and glam just like this one that I laid my eyes from LandyBridal. I love long dresses for my gown and lace is perfect for covering up some areas without making it too revealing thoo

As always they're releasing their wedding dresses 2016 already and I think you guys should check it out because everything looks so gorgeous, it makes me want to get married super fast :')

-cheer, michelle 


  1. beautiful wedding dresses and nice bridal!

  2. What a beautiful dress chel!! great post :)

    Sonya Thaniya
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