Saturday, June 20, 2015

One Last Time

Zara's Turtleneck ~ LovitaHilman's Netty Skirt ~ Youniq's Necklace ~ Forever21's Hat ~ New Look's Shoes ~ Cotton On's Clutch

Ayee Mates!
Here's another shots that I got from my photoshoot with my bae kak Sonya from A Little Color. We intentionally planned to wear our Lovita Hilman's netty skirt together because we think it'll look so cute to wear matching stuffs eh? So personally I love the quality of this skirt it was perfectly designed and tailored but turns out I'm not the skirt type of girl because I think skirt is so girly? :') I look so chubby and fat here, I'm not sure why or maybe that time I gained so much weight because I was dealing with some problems that I had a disorder in eating I said. I'm trying to lose weight here, so please kindly give me some advices in losing weight but I don't need to hit the gym #lazyass #gymistoopricey :')

Btw, I just finished my first day of final last Thursday and it was insane mates!! My brain was like so fresh and cool when I started my exam and after 2 hours inside that exam room I came out so dull and my brain felt like its about to explode. I'm going to continue my finals this Monday till next Wednesday, still a long way to go, pray for me mates so I'll do just fine -amennnn- :D

Btw, please do watch my latest video from your laptop or computer. You can't view them from your smartphone or tablet things because due to copyright issue.

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-cheer, michelle
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  1. You look so lovely! I love your skirt and the hat finishes your look off perfectly!

    I have just followed you on GFC, I would love for you to follow back <3

  2. you look pretty in skirt! who cares if you look chubby when you dress perfectly ;)


  3. I do really love your style, Chelle! <3

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  4. Asyiknya skirtnya kembar <3 masih ada nggak ya di webstorenya T.T
    Anyway, you look beyond gorgeous, dear!

    Take care,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd

  5. Cuteeee! I love the whole look<3


  6. AAHHH I always envy other bloggers do collab/meetup uuuugggh!!!!!:((
    Btw the skirt looks cute!<3
    IKR!!1IKR!!! I gain weight so much I need to do diet I NEED TO BE SKINNY !!!1 I MUST BE SKINNY WHEN SCHOOL STARTS!! lolxD

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!

  7. What an edgy cutie outfit!!
    That's why I try to do some exercise like yoga or pilates. Just subscribe these channels on Youtube : Yoga With Adriene and Blogilates. They're awesome tho ! :)

    Would you mind to visit my blog :

    thanks :)

  8. lovely outift! loving the black skirt <3

  9. you look so cute !! i love your skirt and your simple outfit

  10. I love every piece from head to toe, love the color, the sweater and that cute skirt :3

  11. Oh.. that netty skirt are just awesome (had one tight one), I love it in both color! so girly indeed.
    Wish you good luck with the finals! go girl go!

  12. nice outfit look so simple but enjoy wearing,
    nice to meet you,

  13. so cute! love the skirts so much <3


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  15. I love your clutch!