Monday, September 15, 2014

Dream Day

Ayee Matess!!
We all here (esp. girls!) are super excited for our 'Big Dream Day' am I right? Well if you guys don't know what I meant, here let me tell you that our Big Dream Day is definitely our wedding rite? Well okay I know I know I'm still too young to talk about this (I don't even have boyfie yet #awkward) but well as a girl I really love to see wedding dresses since I was a kid because I think the dress looks like disney princesses dresses, yas I'm a disney princesses fan, my fave are belle, cinderella, aurora and the new princess elsa. But hey lets get back to the topic here, I enjoy looking up at wedding dresses pictures because I love to imagining myself in that dress. Aaaa~ I just can't wait for my dream day but of course I have to finish my college first -_- 
In a collaboration with, I'm allowed to create a couple of collages for my dream day, I'm super excited when they reached me first because tbh its super rare to see a website that sells bridal gowns. I personally love online website because it makes it easier and convenient for us to shop eh?
So yeah here are my picks from :D

1. Vintage Classic
This look was inspired from the classing wedding ceremony, the long white gown, vintage rose bouquet and the classical hair updo. This look will be perfect for all of you who wanted to be a total princess on their dream day. 

2. Sunny Side Up Ceremony
I picked this dress because of the gorgeous back detailing that I bet all people would love and this strapless dress will be perfect if you're planning your wedding on a very sunny area. 

 3. Playful Chic.
Well, tbh its kinda boring to see long white dress all of the time eh? So here I'm creating a look that is perfect for playful concept. I meant yes wedding is a serious ocassion but hey a little playful vibe is needed too. Just have fun celebrating your dream day with all your loved ones.

4. Magical Garden.
I personally love this one a lot! Because of dress! This would probably I wore on my dream day. Words just can't describe how I love this look a lot! Maybe because of the mermaid tail dress? :)

-cheer, michelle 

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  1. sho lovely, mau juga nikahan gini ><