Sunday, September 7, 2014

Don't Stop!

FOTN! (Face of The Night) :D
Ayee Matess!! 
My super long holiday will end tomorrow! I'm officially starting my college tomorrow, yes, Monday! OMGGG~ I'm so nervous because what if I can't keep up with the lessons? what if the lecturers are weird? what if I can't take note in class? Aaaaa~ those questions just haunt me like crazy since yesterday. I kept on telling myself that it's gonna be okay but I just can't -deep sigh- Any advice for freshman like me mates?
So on to the outfit, wore this to gogirl's expo at senayan city last Friday. I HAD TONS OF FUNN~ I took few pictures from yesterday but I decided not to put that up since its not that great. I visited OOTDINDO's booth and spotted my photo there :) I personally love all the tenants but since I'm broke already after spending so much for the last couple of weeks (haul video is coming soon on my channel!) so I decided not to buy anything. I met my blogger friends, kak sonya and ci valerie and made new friends with ci sartob and kak ravi, its nice meeting all of you guys :)
I love my new givenchy's inspired jumper that I got from castor. Its an online store that sells man fashion but I would say all of their clothing pieces are unisex. They have a lot of swaggie clothing items that I wish I could own! :') I kid' you not the owners are super friendly! I love their service and when I went to their pop-up-store in puri, the owners themselves helped me with the sizing and etc. I will definitely be back for more :)


chloe disturbed my photoshoot sesh~ :')

feature on OOTDINDO's ig (1)

featured on OOTDINDO's ig (2)

featured on looks magazine september issue!! thank God! :')

Looks Magazine's September Issue~ Spot me there :)

 Watch my latest vid HERE:

-cheer, michelle


  1. Nice ootd chelle! Yah kita gak ketemu yahhh >_<


  2. yes! your look is really swag <3

  3. I love your boots! The whole outfit deff looks swag.


  4. aww so cool! congrats for the capturing! xoxo

  5. you look so cool, love the sweater

  6. Great look!

    Maria |

  7. Cool look!!! That's so cool you were in a magazine! Looks like great fun! Would you like to follow each other on GFC?! Let me know and follow me on my blog, I will follow you right back on both GFC and Bloglovin!!!

  8. The sweaterrr kakkk!!! kerennn:3
    ...Aku sangka kita seumuran ternyata 2 tahun diatas aku toh ahaha._.V
    'gratz for featured in looks magz!!:3

    Adventure of P-Chaaaan!!

  9. OMG your sweater, LOVE LOVE IT!!

    I'm following you now on GFC #115
    would you mind to follow me back?
    Take care,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd
    instagram > @rizunaswon

  10. Love your outfit especially your beanie and sweater! <3 good luck for your college :)

  11. aaaa lucky you! i knew that ootindo post too and what a coincidence i find you here... :D

  12. hiks aku ga ketemu chele:(
    btw cute top<3


  13. I absolutely love your blog and style!