Monday, September 15, 2014

PLAY! :)

Ayee Matess!!

Today I'm going to share my go-to-look for all of my sporty babes out there. Who loves sports? Well its definitely not me, I'm so not a sporty type of person. All of my PE teachers said that since I was in primary school. But weirdly I love to play and enjoy some sports like basketball and badminton and a little bit of soccer (even tho I don't know the rules). I also love to see the jerseys the players wore on the match. Fanatics is a website that sells officially licensed sports merchandise for all of those sport lovers out there. So yeah here's a collage of my go-to sporty look.. :)
I choose this NFL jersey because of the red color!! Well, I just love red for my sporty look because red means burning or passionate and it just make me feel energetic during my sport sesh. lol. xD

-cheer, michelle

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